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Your own custom randomizer!

So, if you like the idea behind the spanking randomizer, but really hope for a few tweaks, you are in luck; This page is a way for you to do just that..!

Below are a number of options, and after you have set them as you see fit, click "Spank me!" at the bottom.

How intense are you?

How much heat can you take? Higher means a chance for a LOT more spankings, but does not necessarily guarantee it.



Do you want the randomizer to be particularly nasty? Yes means that it is going to be much more likely to pick higher numbers of slaps for your spanking. (Note: This won't increase the maximum amount of spankings you can get, just sway the odds.)

NO! O-ok


Are you OK with being naked during the spanking?

It doesn't matter NO!

Is bare-bottom spanking allowed at least?

...fine NO!

Switching it up

Do you want to switch up the spanking partway through? This means that your butt gets a little break as you switch positions and implements, but we make up by slightly increasing the overall spankings you will get.

Nah Let's do it!

Oh yeah? How many times? 1

...Also, do you want to sometimes put clothes back on between spankings?

Eh, why not? No, that's silly! You're silly, thingywhat!


Do you want to customize the implements you can use?

I'm good, thanks Oh, totally!

Then here you go! The Base Swats refers to the maximum number of times you can get spanked with an implement if you don't touch the intensity at the top of this page... Variants are a list of different types of each implement you may have. You can add as many as you like by separating each type with commas.

ImplementBase swatsVariantsRemove

The moment of truth

Alright! Are you ready for this? If you have set everything to your liking, clicking below will generate a spanking taking all of the above into consideration. Tread lightly!


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